20% off Online

Somatics and Energy Sessions

       Until Feb 28th, 2021

This offer is good for:
- any online private 1 hr Somatics Session
- any online private 1 hr Distance Healing Session
  -relax in the comfort of your own home while I test and
  correct various energy systems bringing balance to the body.
- any online private 1 hr Remote Healing Session
   -I teach you how to self test your energy systems and
  provide you with the corrections as we go through the session.
Reduce stress, improve immunity, and bring balance to the body for the New Year! 
All sessions are through Zoom and will receive either the zoom recording or will be provided written self care exercises and/or private video for own specific energy or somatic imbalances.

       Introductory Special

Distance Energy Healing for your Horse

Testing and corrections for various energy systems including the meridians, Chakras, as well as  emotions. The owner will be provided with any corrections the horse may need after the session.

Introductory offer price $45/session