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Wow! Thank you! I am soo feeling my left side now. This is so wonderful! I've been going to weekly physio appts for the last 6 mths and none of the exercises reached in and touched my left side, hips, and back like this has.

Kimberley Allan - After a private online Somatics Session

Lisa, I read your article in the Saddle Up Magazine on Somatics Exercises and began doing them for back/hip pain from a broken tail bone. I can't believe the difference it has made in my riding! Thank you so much!

Anne Fraser

A few years ago I was in a car accident, as a result I was not cleared medically to ride for a 6 month period. I went through physiotherapy, massage, chiropractics and acupuncture to deal with soft tissue damage in my neck and shoulder. I would get temporary relief, but I could not seem to regain the balance across my shoulders. Over time I noticed, I was losing my ability to half halt and balance my rein contact on my left side. My right side was beginning to compensate for the loss of balance. In my case it develops into tension and stiffness. I felt stuck in my riding and everything I tried to break through the ceiling had fleeting results. Over this time, I purchased a young horse, my trainer and I started working on developing him under saddle. Once we were well established under saddle I could not achieve even half of the results my coach could. I felt stuck and frustrated, the stiffness I felt in my body was starting to impact my state of mind. My rides felt mediocre at best. My horse is also one to take advantage of weakness. At a clinic I began talking to Lisa and she suggested Somatics as a way to train my muscles to release pent up tensions. My muscles are always tight and coiled. After working with Lisa the first session, I was amazed on how much my range of motion had improved after such a short period of time. The knot in my shoulder, present since my car accident, was gone. Something an hour of deep tissue massage could not budge or diminish. The next day, I rode my horse and the results were amazing, I was moving more freely and could feel my seat bones more distinctly then ever before. After my third session, I rode my horse the same evening with my coach. This ride was a turning point for me. I finally felt his hind end come through to lift me without interference from my body. I had not felt that uphill movement for years. By practising the simple movements, my muscles are slowly beginning to release tension, instead of storing it. I am also becoming more aware of when I am holding stress in my body, I can begin to practise releasing these tensions quickly, before they build. My mental state is in a better state as I am reducing the instances on when my body is involuntarily interfering with my ride. 


Nichole Vestby BSc, RLAT

I have had a couple of neck & shoulder injuries including a broken collarbone, and my full time work requires many hours of sitting in front of computers.  I have had to rely on monthly chiropractic & massage treatments for over 10 years to stay mobile & manage pain. 
This past winter I was able to join a
weekly Somatics class with Lisa, and had an opportunity one night to ride right after the class.  That ride was pivotal. I was able to connect with my horse right from the start, and had no pain afterwards.  I decided to do a series of individual sessions with Lisa to address my specific issues.  She provided homework sheets with detailed instructions that I follow for a few minutes of practice on most days.
There has been a clearly visible improvement in my posture, the pain in my neck & shoulders is practically gone, my range of motion has improved and my riding (& my horse!) has definitely benefitted.  I haven’t needed a chiropractic adjustment or massage in several months.
I highly recommend the sessions with Lisa.  The somatics movements are not strenuous, painful or tedious.  They are very relaxing and bring increased awareness to your body & your breathing.  The results are quickly noticeable, and the movements are easy to do at home.

Deb Steiger

I was tired of my body being twisted, one leg shorter than the other and my posture was crumpled and shoulders hunched over.
When I rode my horse, it hurt to ride in the saddle, as my sciatic nerve caused pain, as I felt the saddle seat it aggravated it. I blamed the saddle. After an hour of riding I was so sore. I was also causing back issues to my horse as my one shorter leg, caused uneven weight distribution .Osteopaths & yoga classes weren’t making any changes. With Lisa's Somatic sessions, it was the best love I have given my body!
There’s no drugs, its non-invasive, no pain taking the treatments, just muscles and the brain working together, co-ordinatating themselves to work in harmony. Before and after photos are taken for proof of body changes, there's no photo alterations. It just works!
My body is loving the major happiness and changes its experiencing and Lisa is always there for help to keep your body accepting its new changes.
When riding in the saddle, something so simple as an ankle change in degrees, helps to ease back pain or a twisted leg, which in turn helps posting or other riding maneuvers. I now can ride in that saddle that caused so much pain, as it was me, not the saddle that was the problem, and it's  a really comfy saddle! After 3 hours of riding with no pain!!
Thanks to the Somatics, I am taller and slimmer looking, have a spring in my step, more happier and enthusiastic about life.
And can keep my body in its new positions with just a few simple exercises.
Check it out for yourself, your body will thank you! Thanks Lisa for everything, you rock!!
                                       Pat Pringle




Notice how the tension in her back and legs has released.                                           Visible change in the rotation of her legs. Her legs are 

                                                                                                                          more connected with toes forward.


When I first reached out to Lisa for an energy healing treatment, I never imagined I could/would feel so good! The daily energy routine she taught me to do has helped me more than I expected, I feel more grounded, balanced and content. I was so intrigued by the Eden Engergy Method, I actually puchased the book. Lisa is very good at explaining what it is she is doing and the techniques being used. The grid work she does has helped me learn how to deal with and handle stressful situations. I don't seem to get as irritated and agitated as I once did. From my very first session to my last one with Lisa, I always felt very comfortable and left feeling very calm and relaxed. She always sends an email with what she has worked on during the session and any homework needed to keep things humming along. If you have not been fortunate enough to have a treatment with Lisa, I highly recommend it!  Lisa L.

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