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Sessions, Lessons, and Clinics

Would you like to learn more about our services before booking your session. Book a 20 min  call today, by phone or zoom, to answer any questions you may have.
                                We can customize a package to suit your needs.
Somatic Treatments
First Assessment/Intake/Session                                           1 hr 30 min                     $150
Follow-up Session                                                                  1 hr                                 $120
Package of 5 Sessions                                                                                                  $550
     This is a popular package as all three movement patterns can be addressed
     within the 5 sessions. 
Online private Somatics                                                       45min                             $ 80           
Online Somatics classes     (when offered)            1-1.5 Hr classes -  6 sessions     $120
     If you have a group that would like to do online classes together contact me to
     organize a day and time for your group. Everyone can be in the comfort of their
     own home.
     Online classes may be a blend of energy healing and somatic exercises. 
     Dismounted rider exercises can be added to the online classes.
     A great option for coaches with students or horse clubs!
Energy Healing Sessions
Private Session                                                                      90 min                            $150
Package of 3  Sessions                                                         90 min                            $375
Package of 5 Sessions                                                          90 min                            $650
To effectively address energy imbalances, it's recommended to arrange at least three weekly or bi-weekly sessions. This will help identify any recurring patterns and allow for the use of more advanced techniques to address the chronic pattern(s). 
Distance Session - session in the comfort of your home     1 hr                                 $100
Via Zoom or Facetime  
Relax in your favorite chair and allow the energy shifts to occur. 
After the session we will go over self care exercises. 
Online Eden Energy Session - I teach you how to test yourself and give you the
corrections as we go   Via Zoom or Facetime                           1 hr                             $100
All Somatics and Energy Sessions receive either a written review and/or a video
review for your at home self care.
Combination Somatics Treatment and Energy Healing Session
Combination Energy/Somatics Session    In person            1 hr 30 mins                    $165
Package of 5 - 1 hr 30min sessions                                      1 hr 30 mins(save $100) $675
Combination Energy/Somatics Session    Online                 1hr                                  $120
(30 mins Energy/30 mins Somatics)

Energy Session for your Horse or pet

Balance meridians, chakras, emotional imbalances - includes Bach remedies if needed.         $ 80


Bach Remedies assessment and mix for animals or humans.                 $ 25



Riding Lessons
1 hr   (may include some Somatic exercises)                                                             $ 60 
Semi-private or Group lessons  Per person                                                               $ 45
Video Lessons - send a 10 - 20 min youtube video of your riding                           $ 50
Take the video from the front, back, and both sides for feedback on
position. I will send a written review as well as a video of exercies you
can do to improve your riding and/or connection with your horse.
If you are having a particular training issues with your horse send a
video of the issue and receive a video of feedback on how to improve.
This may be include ground work or riding exercises.
Riders are encouraged to take 3-5 Somatic sessions to improve overall balance
in the body or be part of a class. Online classes will be available soon!  
Clinic options include:
Western/English Dressage - from beginner to advanced. Focus on rider symmetry and connection to create changes in the horse. Develops suppleness, strength, and connection in the horse. 
Somatic Rider clinics - includes a 1 hr Somatics class/day and riding with a focus on rider symmetry. 
Somatic Rider and Energy Medicine - includes 1 hr Somatics/day and 1 hr EM class/day
The riding portions of clinics can either be group (3-4), semi-private (2), or private sessions.
All sessions focus on correct rider biomechanics.
EM class topics include Pain Relief, Hormone Health, Stress Relief, and Building Immunity
Format example for a Somatic Rider and Energy Medicine Clinic. 
1 hr Energy Session in the morning, Ground work sessions with horses, lunch break, 1 hr Somatics Class, Semi-private riding lessons for the afternoon. Cover all your bases and see how both Somatics and Energy Medicine help you connect with your horse and bring you to better health and wellness! 
These clinics also include energy work for the horse. 
Contact to discuss an option for your barn or group!
Book me for a Clinic or a longer Retreat! We can discuss options                                                                
Ask about Gift Certificates.
Throughout my experience working with clients, I have noticed a common connection between the emotional state of a client and the physical pain or tension they experience. When individuals go through prolonged periods of stress, anxiety, or a general feeling of being unwell, it tends to manifest as physical tension in their bodies. To address this, I frequently recommend that clients schedule an energy session as a first step to evaluate the flow of energy throughout their various systems. Pain is frequently a result of energy blockages, and releasing these blockages can help alleviate physical tension and pain.In many cases, an energy session alone can provide significant relief from pain.
The other option is a combination session where a few energetic aspects can be addressed in conjunction with the Somatics session. This session will focus approx 30 mins on Energy Balancing and 60 mins for the Somatics Session. 
If pain is from an injury where compensation patterns have developed or if your job or life has you sitting for long periods and/or doing repetitive motions then a Somatics session (online or in-person) may be all you need to release the tension. 

Please email to book.

Online booking is not available at this time.

Payments may be made through etransfer or paypal (with additional $4 fee)

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