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Hello, Welcome to my site. 

I genuinely wish that you discover optimal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness. I am excited to support you on your path. 

Prepare to live life to your fullest potential! 

Truly experience the joy of moving, feeling, riding, and living well! 


Welcome to

Lisa Wieben Energy Healing and Somatics


Holistic Inspirations and Exercises to Promote                             Wellness and Energy Flow

   NOTE:  Many of my offerings are available online.
               In-person sessions available in and around 
               Sidney, Sannich, Esquimalt, and Victoria,  BC

It is simple. When our energies are healthy and balanced, we feel stronger, happier, and better able to handle whatever is happening in our lives.


                                                                                              - Donna Eden

                                                                                     Founder of Eden Method

My Sessions


Clinical Eden Method Session

An Energy Medicine session consists of an assessment of the body’s energy flows and correction of any imbalances that occur when the flow of these energies are blocked, deficient, or excessive. The corrections may consist of simple exercises, ‘hands-on’ gentle touch, acupressure techniques, or working ‘off’ the body with the Chakras and Aura. Education is given regarding the energy imbalances, and simple, easy to follow home exercises are prescribed to ensure successful integration of the Energy corrections. Increase vitality, optimize health, and find disruptions before symptoms appear.

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Clinical Somatics Sessions

Clinical Somatics is a safe, gentle approach to recover from chronic muscle pain and to have ease of movement throughout life. It is sensory motor training that shows you how to reverse the root cause of most chronic muscle pain. Through simple movements you’ll learn how to relax the muscles that contribute to your pain, tension, or mobility issues.

Somatic Rider Lessons

When you are looking for a deeper connection with your horse. Here we address the biomechanics of both horse and rider.  Discover ways to release tension as you ride. Develop feel, timing, and effective communication  to bring further harmony to your riding! Lessons bring in elements from Centered Riding, Irwin Insights, Straightness Training, and Dressage/Western Dressage.

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It's an understatement to say that Im not easy to impress. However, yesterday I had my first Somatic session with Lisa and I feel compelled to share the news that I was genuinely impressed. I've know Lisa for many years as my top Canadian Master Certified Trainer in Irwin Insights. But yesterday I found that when the teacher is ready a next-level teacher does indeed appear. In my first session with Lisa guiding me through Somatics I experienced a paradigm shift in how I feel and cope with the countless aches and pains in my much traumatized body. You certainly don't need to be an equestrian to benefit from Lisa's knowledge and abilities. If you want to have a healthier, pain-free body, I highly recommend Lisa and Somatics.

Chris Irwin - Irwin Insights

Lisa was literally an answer to prayer back in 2013 when my current riding coach had relocated, and I was searching for assistance. Although I rode mainly English and Lisa was mainly western, learning she was certified as a Centered Riding Coach encouraged me to take some lessons. Over time, I discovered Lisa has an insatiable appetite to learn and is passionate about finding ways to give her students new pathways to work towards their aspirations. Her journey to become a certified Somatics Practitioner was a bonus for me as the body work involved helped not only in my riding, but everyday life. Lisa has a real eye for body mechanics and given me tools to help with my stiffness whether riding, at home, travelling, or some days, just getting out of bed, lol. Add in becoming an Energy Medicine Practitioner only increased my bag of tools to handle each day. The learning continues as Lisa has been studying straightening work with horses and again passes on the knowledge. Having an aging horse with the beginnings of arthritis, I am excited to have ways to keep his body flexible and stronger. Silver and I are having more fun than ever, even with the ‘scary’ bands we are learning to use! I really want to clarify, I am not an elite rider, have never been known for athleticism and now into my senior years with its own aging issues. Thanks to Lisa, her encouragement, wholistic skills and outlook, I and my horse (whether he knows it or not!), are enjoying a richer life daily. Who knew I would still be riding at this age! Thank you, Lisa!

Frame of body, frame of mind works both for horse and rider. We put a lot of emphasis on frame of body for the horse, stretching, realigning, and relaxing. Now Lisa has a wonderful system that enhances body work and balancing with Somatics and she is using Eden Method to allow the body to heal itself and to energize the systems of the body. Her distance work is superb. She is very thorough in balancing the body's meridians and systems. Uniquely combining Somatics, Eden Method and balanced riding is one of the best clinics I have ever encountered. I love the way the body meshes with the energy and body movements of the horse. Anyone watching Lisa ride can see the bonus effects of this work. Well done Lisa!

Heather Lambrecht

Diane Luxen

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