My Story

      How did I find my way to all these different modalities you may ask? I started riding at the age of 5, when I got my first pony, then progressing to training Quarter Horses and competing in horse shows. I loved riding, and made a career of training horses and then became a coach. Through the years of training and repetitive work, I sustained numerous injuries, that became issues like SI-joint pain, and chronically sore and tight muscles. This affected my riding and also how my horses bodies compensated for my imbalances. Through an osteopath, I was introduced to Somatic movements, and after the first weekend workshop I took I was hooked. I immersed into the three year Clinical Training. I knew this work would help riders immensely, but also all others with chronic issues. We have all sustained an injury of some sort in our lives, or been through stressful moments that affect our body. In 2018 I became fully certified as a Clinical Somatics Practitioner.

      During my Somatics training, I was still running our boarding stable, traveling for clinics, and teaching riding lessons. It was a lot to take on and the stress of the long days started to take its toll. In 2015 I had my appendix out, and in 2016 I was back in hospital with a heart issue. I truly believe the body is an amazing thing and it was sending me a message - you need to change your life!  That and being told I could die in my sleep (due to the heart issue) was a wakeup call!  I knew it was time for a change.  A book on my shelf seemed to call to me, Donna Eden's 'Energy Medicine'. I had purchased it years before, but finally found time to read it while I was recovering from the Pacemaker surgery. I started adding some of the tools from the book, particularly the Daily Energy Routine, into my day and began noticing a difference in how I was feeling. I found a course nearby that fit perfectly into my still jammed schedule. I saw that as a sign and registered right away, and immediately began the Year 1 Fundamentals Eden Method training. In the spring of 2020 I completed the three year Clinical Eden Method training and also the Eden Method Teacher Training in the fall.

      Throughout, my skills as a Centered Riding Instructor, a Level 7 Irwin Insights Master Trainer, and most recently as a student of Straightness Training, I have been trained to notice subtleties in horse and rider movement and balance. Add to that Somatics for tension release and freer movement, and Energy Medicine for stress release, hormone support, and the ability to address pain, emotions and fear, and it has given me a very unique set of skills. Not only for riders and horses, but also for anyone looking to improve their overall energy, balance, and heatlh.

      Welcome to this journey of wellness, balance, and connection!


My Approach

     I believe in the power of self-care. Everything I teach has progressed me through my own imbalances. I love teaching my clients effective ways to improve their health, well-being, and mobility.

     Through a Somatics Assessment Session, I assess your walking motion, muscle tension and structural balance while standing and while laying prone (free of gravity). With Somatics, we consider three distinct muscle patterns, or reflexes,  that show up in the body due to stress, injuries, or repetitive movements. Most people are a combination of all three, but one will stand out more than others depending on your particular habit patterns. Throughout approximately 5 sessions we will address your patterns and create freedom of movement.  Then you will be provided with self-care exercises to do at home to maintain and continue to improve tension release and mobility. A commitment of 10 -15 minutes a day is all you need!

     During an Energy Medicine Session we will use muscle testing to assess various systems in the body. By testing through various exercises you see where your body needs support and apply an exercise to bring balance to that area. Donna Eden's Daily Energy Routine is a simple 5 minute routine that begins to balance the body, improve energy, memory and thinking, as well as immunity and sleep patterns.

     We can also test the Chinese Medicine Meridians related to the health of the whole body - organs, as well as Chakras, Radiant Circuits, hormones, pain, emotions. Balancing the body's energies helps the body heal, increases vitality, optimizes health, and finds disruptions before symptoms appear!

     Also, Centered Riding, Irwin Insights, and Straightness Training

Horses are amazing beings that relate to what we are feeling. They notice and react to our tension and emotions. I continue the work with Riders in the saddle, but now include the Horse. Horses also develop their own natural asymmetries, they have a 'stiff' side or hollow side (right or left handed). They also tend to balance their weight on the forehand, with weight favoured to one side. By addressing the horse's asymmetries we can improve the horse's balance (both physically and mentally), reduce the risk of injury, and improve athleticism for any event. A combination of the above methods is wonderful for rehabing injuries. (I have also used Energy Medicine very successfully with my horses!) All lessons begin with ground work which will begin to establish a next level connection and awareness, and develop the horse's musculature in preparation for increased under saddle work.

     When we take on our own self-care, we can improve our connection with the horse on so many levels. Combining Somatics and Energy work  with Centered Riding,  Irwin Insights, and Straightness Training will take your riding to the next level!