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An Energy Medicine Session consists of an assessment of the body’s energy flows and correction of any imbalances that occur when the flow of these energies are blocked, deficient, or excessive. The corrections may consist of simple exercises, ‘hands-on’ gentle touch, acupressure techniques, or working ‘off’ the body with the Chakras and Aura. Education is given regarding the energy imbalances, and simple, easy to follow home exercises are prescribed to ensure successful integration of the Energy corrections. Increase vitality, optimize health, and find disruptions before symptoms appear.

During an Energy Medicine session, the client is fully clothed, however, some jewelry and/or accessories may need to be removed.

Energy Medicine can be effective to maintain overall health and wellness, and/or can be used as an adjunct to conventional medicines.

  • Physically, energy work helps expedite recovery, decrease or eliminate pain, promote balance, and prevent illness.

  • Mentally, energy medicine helps us gain deeper clarity and overcome mental blocks.

  • Emotionally, energy work improves resilience by helping us release past traumas and centre ourselves.

  • Spiritually, energy medicine reconnects us to our intuition, purpose, and presence.


Advanced Energy Medicine Sessions


Grid Repair - Deep within ourselves is a framework, or Grid, that supports us and holds us together. Sometimes with trauma (physical and/or emotional), the Grid can be damaged, leaving us with less accessible energy. Repairing the broken Grid can provide more energy, and a new vitality to life.

Repairing the Grid takes time! Session work will be needed prior to having the Grid repaired so that the body’s energies are routinely balanced. Once this occurs, a minimum of three session are required for the Grid repair - one to prepare the body for the Grid work, one to do the Grid repair, and one after to help stabilize the body’s energies.

Grid repair can be an amazing experience!


Regression -  the process of energetically and psychologically returning to the time and place where core issues in our present lives became established. This may involve loss, betrayal, illness, injury, or other forms of trauma. When we have intractable physical, emotional, or energetic difficulties that seem to have no clear physical cause-and-effect relationships, a Regression session can illuminate how and when these patterns were created. In the energetic field of that earlier time, balancing and restoring disrupted energies using EEM techniques can be deeply healing. Sometimes a Regression session will bring the person to the time that the Grid was damaged and lead to Grid work. Conversely, Grid work can often bring a person back to an earlier period and may lead to a Regression session. (Eden Energy Medicine)


Some of the Benefits of Energy Medicine

While energy medicine does not treat particular symptoms or diagnose, balancing the body's energies may have the following affects: 

- Release stress, anxiety, and tension - coping with stressful situations becomes easier

- Better sleep

- Can help with asthma, eczema, headaches

- Helps relieve pain naturally

- Helps to balance hormones

- Aids the body in cleansing toxins

- Supports the immune system - greater resistance to illness and quicker healing  from sickness or injury

- Reduces the side effects of treatments such as chemotherapy and other drug therapy after surgery

- Increases vitality

- Greater sense of emotional wellness

- Deep sense of peace and calm

- Chakra healing, balancing, and clearing

- Grounding - reduce inflammation, improve immunity, reduce stress, improve blood flow, elevate mood

- Enhanced mental clarity

- Relief from and improved resistance to chronic mild depression

- Increased vitality

- Build resiliency


Lisa and Donna Eden in 2019

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