Lisa and Donna Eden in 2019

Some of the Benefits of Energy Medicine

- Release stress, anxiety, and tension - coping with stressful situations becomes easier

- Better sleep

- Can help with asthma, eczema, headaches

- Helps relieve pain naturally

- Helps to balance hormones

- Aids the body in cleansing toxins

- Supports the immune system - greater resistance to illness and quicker healing  from sickness or injury

- Reduces the side effects of treatments such as chemotherapy and other drug therapy after surgery

- Increases vitality

- Greater sense of emotional wellness

- Deep sense of peace and calm

- Chakra healing, balancing, and clearing

- Grounding - reduce inflammation, improve immunity, reduce stress, improve blood flow, elevate mood

- Enhanced mental clarity

- Relief from and improved resistance to chronic mild depression

- Increased vitality

- Build resiliency