What to Expect - My Approach in Action


Some of the Benefits of Somatics:

- Improve balance, strength, coordination, flexibility, and mobility

- Improve posture

- Create new freedom of movement

- Improve deep breathing

- Improve athleticism

- Learn skills to keep yourself out of pain and regain voluntary control of chronically tight muscles

- Reduce the need to guard areas of the body

Somatics can effectively relieve:

- neck, shoulder, and back pain

- sciatic pain

- tendonitis

- headaches due to chronic muscle tension

- hip, knee, and foot pain

- repetitive use injuries

- poor posture

- frozen shoulder syndrome


Yes, this was me at the start of my Somatics journey. You can see in the far left picture how my horse was also compensating for my imbalance. The middle pictures are the before(left) and after(right) one clinical Somatics session.

The Somatic reflexes. Far left - arched back/Green Light Reflex,

Middle left Slouched or Red Light Reflex also Stress Reflex, and middle and far right the Trauma Reflex, caused by injuries or repetitive movements.

Here is the video for the Arch and Flatten movement. This is a foundation exercise of Somatics which begins to release tension in both the front and the back of the body.

For Riders this exercise will bring you a deeper seat and develop the movement needed through the center of your body for the sit trot!

More videos available on my youtube channel Somatic Rider and Energy Medicine


Lisa and Donna Eden 2019

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Some of the Benefits of Energy Medicine

- Release stress, anxiety, and tension - coping with stressful situations becomes easier

- Better sleep

- Can help with asthma, eczema, headaches

- Helps relieve pain naturally

- Helps to balance hormones

- Aids the body in cleansing toxins

- Supports the immune system - greater resistance to illness and quicker healing  from sickness or injury

- Reduces the side effects of treatments such as chemotherapy and other drug therapy after surgery

- Increases vitality

- Greater sense of emotional wellness

- Deep sense of peace and calm

- Chakra healing, balancing, and clearing

- Grounding - reduce inflammation, improve immunity, reduce stress, improve blood flow, elevate mood

- Enhanced mental clarity

- Relief from and improved resistance to chronic mild depression

- Increased vitality

- Build resiliency

Here are a couple of exercises from Donna Eden's Daily Energy Routine.

This routine is a series of exercises which help to strengthen the energetice core of the body. By doing these exercises you can bring your body more energy, vitality, clearer thinking, improved immunity and so much more. 5 minutes a day is all you need to hep build your energetic foundation! To see more videos you can go to the Somatic Rider and Energy Medicine FB page where I post regular Energy, Rider Exercise, and Riding Exercies. If you are not a rider you can go to the FB page Somatice Freedom and Wellness for posts without horse related content. 

The energetic principle of Grounding allows us to think more clearly, gives us a feeling of stability, and helps us handle whatever comes our way!

In this video get simple Centered Riding principles along with Energy Medicine concepts.

A powerful combination is to do a Somatics and Energy Session together. When there is pain or tightness in the body, Energy work can balance the energy in an area. Quite often pain is an 'over-energy' and tightness is 'congested energy'. Using various energy techniques such as sedating the meridian flowing through the painful area, can relieve pain and bring balance to the body. Once the energy is balanced, pain decreases and the Somatic work becomes even more effective! Try a session and feel the changes!

Horse in training doing Straightness work


Through Straightness work we can begin to address alignment issues in your horse. I think of this as Somatics for horses as we see where the areas of tightness are and then work the horse in such a way that it begins to release the tension. This allows the horse to move in correct alignment which prevents injuries as well as developing the body correctly for any event. When the horse releases tension a calm, willing, demeanor is the result. When the body feels good, it feels good to work! (Note: I am a student of Straightness Training so am always learning more. I have noticed profound results already however as I worked with the mare in the pictures, my student's horses, and now working with my young warmblood.)

Combine this with Irwin Insights and develop  awareness of the rhythm and balance of the horse. Learn the subtleties of timing, feel, balance, and bend. Work with the horse's natural movement and swing and develop a connected partnership!

IMG_2236 2.jpg

Fun awareness exercises both on and off the horse!


Finding neutral pelvis and how it relates to connection in the saddle.


Somatics class...any barn aisle will do!


Developing the posting trot.

Notice the whips under the arms.


Releasing the lower back and hips to allow the leg to hang down.


Using physio bands to develop a deeper seat and quiet the lower legs.


Bringing awareness to 'space' under the arms. Of course you wouldn't want this much space, but this exercise brings awareness to a 'softer' feel through the hands.