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For the Rider

Lisa is a Level 2 Centered Riding Instructor, Level 7 Irwin Insights Trainer, and Equine Canada Competition Coach. She greatly enjoys working with riders of all levels. 

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Fun awareness exercises both on and off the horse!


Finding neutral pelvis and how it relates to connection in the saddle.


Somatics class...any barn aisle will do!


Developing the posting trot.

Notice the whips under the arms.


Releasing the lower back and hips to allow the leg to hang down.


Using physio bands to develop a deeper seat and quiet the lower legs.


Bringing awareness to 'space' under the arms. Of course you wouldn't want this much space, but this exercise brings awareness to a 'softer' feel through the hands.

Horse in training doing Straightness work


Through Straightness work we can begin to address alignment issues in your horse. I think of this as Somatics for horses as we see where the areas of tightness are and then work the horse in such a way that it begins to release the tension. This allows the horse to move in correct alignment which prevents injuries as well as developing the body correctly for any event. When the horse releases tension a calm, willing, demeanor is the result. When the body feels good, it feels good to work! (Note: I am a student of Straightness Training so am always learning more. I have noticed profound results already however as I worked with the mare in the pictures, my student's horses, as well as other horses that I have had in my training program. 

Combine this with Irwin Insights and develop  awareness of the rhythm and balance of the horse. Learn the subtleties of timing, feel, balance, and bend. Work with the horse's natural movement and swing and develop a connected partnership!


Warmblood gelding which was trained using Irwin Insights (Chris Irwin) methods as well as Straightness Training and Centered Riding. 

A video for the Arch and Flatten movement. This is a foundation exercise of Somatics which begins to release tension in both the front and the back of the body.
For Riders this exercise will bring you a deeper seat and develop the movement needed through the center of your body for the sit trot!

More videos available on my youtube channel Somatic Rider and Energy Medicine

The energetic principle of Grounding allows us to think more clearly, gives us a feeling of stability, and helps us handle whatever comes our way!

In this video get simple Centered Riding principles along with Energy Medicine concepts.

The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire. 
                                 - Sharon Ralls Lemon

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